Did you know the first humans began to walk some 6 million years ago and we haven’t stopped since! 65000 miles is the average distance you and I will walk in our lifetime, and before you do the maths that’s almost 3 times around the world. So today I would like to talk to you a little bit of walking. I think most of us recognise walking is great for weight loss, it increases our metabolic rate, makes a heart stronger. It helps to improve the density of our bones. It can relieve stress, increases the efficiency of our immune system and it can really change our mood particularly outside in sunlight. A famous Greek philosopher once said that “walking is man’s best medicine”. I want to talk to you about a different kind of working. My recommendations sure do some physical walking but maybe some emotional walking. Personally, I walk away from all negative people. If they don’t offer happiness or energy, they don’t bring something to my life I disappear from their lives and walk away very quickly. I remember hearing a lady in restaurant once complaining to a young waiter that the brown bread was “too brown”. I can’t be around people like that! I don’t want them in my life.  Walk away from arguments. Sometimes they just lead to more arguments.

Walk away from negative situations where you know resolution cannot always be found and an argument will simply sustain negative energy and another argument. Maybe you should consider walking away from people who pull you down. Remember not everyone wants you to achieve and be successful. Some people transfer their negative energy to you. They will tell you can’t do something, that’s not possible that you can’t succeed. Perhaps walking away from trying to please everybody. It’s just not possible. It can be exhausting, takes time and energy and ultimately leaves us disappointed. Not everyone can be satisfied! Walk away from anyone who causes you to loose  peace of mind! Be sure to also walk away from mistakes.

Remember the past is the past if you’ve got something wrong that’s ok. The important thing is that you learn, take actions, and move forward. Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh has a famous saying which is “win or learn” never lose!  If something goes wrong simply make changes! Considered walking away from fear. Sometimes I work with people and companies who don’t take actions because they’re afraid of the consequences. What would people think ?What will people say? They suffer from imposter syndrome. The fear of failure consumes them, for me fear is very much like clingfilm if you put one layer around it’s invisible and you can still function. If you add multiple layers of cling film to your body, you can’t function. Walk away from junk food, from gambling, alcohol, in fact anything that you know is going to damage your physical or mental health.

Many people I know are affected by procrastination constantly putting things off. Do you find yourself putting off decisions, putting off actions constantly, and then adding more stress to your life? You need to practice a simple technique called Nike! Their slogan “just do it “, Stop putting things on the back boiler. Make a move! We began talking about walking. Friedrich Nietzsche the famous German philosopher once said” all great thoughts are conceived when working” perhaps you might get out today enjoy some sunlight and you might consider walking away from things or people that are  negative in your life! If you would like to like to find out more about my ideas check  out my new book “ I’m Fine!” available on www.endaodoherty.ie