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I frequently work as a mentor for individuals and business leaders. It never ceases to amaze me how cooperative, pleasant, friendly and giving these people are to everyone in their company, their environment and their families. I recently listened to a very intelligent man who said that we should treat ourselves as we treat others. So often we don’t say no, we give our time, we give advice, we give our energy, we give care, we give kindness, we give support to everyone in our world with one exception, yes ourselves!

Loving yourself isn't vanity, it’s sanity

If you’ve ever been on an airplane before takeoff, I’m sure you’ve seen the Air Hostess give guidance what to do in the event of an emergency. One instruction that always stood out to me was when putting on your oxygen mask in the event of the cabin losing pressure, first look after yourself before you attend other’s needs. I think this could be a great life lesson. Sometimes we are so pressured and the pace of life is so crazy that we forget that fundamental to any success in life is our own health and our own happiness. Our own health, our own happiness should not be relegated to somewhere down the list but rather priority at the top of the list.

Love Heart Hands

The person who has been hardest on me in life, the person who said the most negative comments, the person who has discouraged me most, is me! As a keynote speaker at conferences, working with multiple businesses I very often explain to people that their primary and greatest enemy that they have to overcome is themselves. If you were to take notes in a diary for one week of all the negative comments that you passed to yourself, I’m sure you’ll be shocked at how frequent we can be negative and hostile to our own wellbeing. I once asked a client to do this. When he read back through the diary, I asked him a simple question. What would he do if this was somebody else in his company or business who spoke to him like he spoke to himself? You should never doubt the power of a repeated voice or message. If you repeat something negative to ourselves often enough it becomes a reality if we repeat something positive enough it can become our success or achievement.

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Perhaps you have been the king of time Management Today. Your Eisenhower matrix worked flawlessly, you stayed on target and you completed multiple tasks. Where did looking after your happiness and health appear on that list today? So, if you truly want to excel, achieve all of your goals, break through glass ceilings, climb mountains, win awards then don’t forget that too love yourself is not vanity – it’s sanity.
So, when you’re making your to-do list why not add.

  1.  Schedule time for me.
  2. Improve your food.
  3. Take more exercise.
  4. Improve your quality of sleep.
  5. Reduce screen time.
  6. Spend time with people you love.
  7. Spend time doing nothing. Relax and be still.
  8. Spend time with people who raise you up and who encourage you and support you.
  9. Do more of what makes you