“New Mindset / New You”

This life changing, coaching platform is designed for anybody who feels that they have lost their purpose in life, that they are not achieving their maximum potential and that they are simply drifting along surviving in life rather than thriving.
As the cliché goes, life is not a rehearsal. The average person reading this will live 28,000 days. So many people realise that their life is drifting past and they’re not maximizing their own potential. What’s your purpose. Who are you?
Is it time to change?

Isn’t it time you to invest in your success?

About Our Courses

This online course series is designed by an educational motivational professional who has trained thousands of people on how to maximise their potential. This new mindset series is suitable for anyone who needs to upskill to increase their efficiency and decrease their stress and anxiety.

Course Format

The course consists of a 15 video series of interconnected themes. The course is delivered using high definition videos. Each video is presented in a high energy media-rich format to hold your attention and maximize your learning potential. On purchase of your package, you will receive an email containing the contents of your package.

Course Benefits

  • A reduction in stress associated with not having clear life goals and mindset skills.
  • An increase in happiness level with higher levels of positivity.
  • More increased personal confidence.
  • More focused mindset.
  • A complete toolbox of skills to allow you to maximize your untapped potential.
  • A greater sense of control and mastery.

What’s in the program?

Included in the program is 3 hours of live private consultations, 13 videos dealing with the mindset changes required to bring your life to a new level.

Video 1+2: New Habits New You

This video looks at a series of new habits that will allow you to change your life. It will allow you to be more efficient and less stressed and more successful. This has over one hour of content and habits that the more successful people are using.

Video 3: Working from Home

In an ever-changing world there is an increasing number of us been asked to work from home. This presentation looks in detail at how we can be more efficient, work harder and smarter in our home environment while still remaining happy protecting our mental health.

Video 4: The Stress Buster

This presentation looks in depth at the main causes of negative stress in our lives, it’s symptom signs and more importantly solutions that will allow us to flourish in an ever increasing world of deadlines and pressure.

Video 5: No Limits

Looks at the concept of not setting limits in real life is the focus of Michael Phelps and his journey to be the greatest ever Olympian of all time. What were his secret plans and how can we apply these to our own lives.

Video 6: x 10

Examines the amount of effort we need to spend in order to achieve our goals, strategies and plans and how we are allowed to get there despite setbacks and difficulties.

Videos 7: Your Goals

This video will equip you with the key skills to setting clear and achievable goals and meaningful goals that will allow you to change the direction your life is progressing in. It will share with you the secrets of the most successful goal setters and achievers.

Video 8: Public Speaking Presentation Skills

So many people have a pathological fear of public speaking. This presentation by Enda shares with you his top tips and secrets on how to improve your standard of public speaking in presentations. Easy to follow practical tips will transform not only how you speak but how you feel during your presentations and more importantly the impact they have.

Video 9: Inspirational Stories

This powerful video presentation presents three people who have inspired people to do great things. The shocking yet uplifting stories will provide inspirational energy for you on your journey.

Video 10: Time Management

This video so important in the whole series explains how you can best maximize the limited amount of time that you have in your life .today’s world were expected to be model parents workers of a perfect health and lifestyle there is a constant increase in demands on our time so how can we be more efficient .this video explores how the most successful people manage their time.

Video 11: Leadership

This video looks at the qualities and characteristics of the most successful leaders and the actions that they take. What do they have that inspires others to want to follow them. This video clearly breaks down the key qualities that you will require and key actions that you need to take to change your leadership style.

Video 12: Finding your Purpose

The most common reason people contact me for life coaching and mentoring support is that much like a ship with a broken rudder, they feel like they’re drifting along in life. This video examines key ways that you can clarify your purpose. It looks at practical and simple techniques that will allow you to reflect on who you are and what you want to do with your life.

Video 13: How to be a Winner

This inspirational video looks at the key qualities and the key strategies and actions that the winners in life have. Whether they come from the business field or the sporting field, these key traits are fighting if you were to succeed or if you were to have your victory.